Counseling for communication and trauma resolution





I provide discreet and confidential psychotherapy for professionals, their spouses and families. My perspective is holistic, supporting clients to feel at peace with themselves and their feelings, communicate fully, and engage in increasingly helpful behaviors.

Are you finding:

  • You want more peace of mind?
  • You want your relationships at home and at work to be different?
    • Your old ways of doing things are getting in the way of your relationships?
    • Your communication is strained?
    • People fear or complain about your communication?
  • You work too much - or your family complains that you're never at home, that you miss important events?
  • You carry others' or the world's burdens?
  • You've coped using any of the following and it's hurting you and your family?
  ___ Drugs and alcohol ___ Lying
  ___ Blaming ___ Manipulating
  ___ Isolating ___ Raging
  ___ Sex ___ Exercising
  ___ Status ___ Appearance
  ___ Work ___ Busyness

I can help with these and other concerns, using innovative approaches to support you with growth and creating peace.


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