Counseling for communication and trauma resolution




About Me

Gretchen FriedlanderMy professional background is varied, with an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest in chemistry, a law degree from the University of North Carolina, and a Masters of Counseling from Arizona State University. Before becoming a counselor, I mainly worked as an attorney in private practice in varying sized firms. Suffice it to say, I am familiar with the stresses and pressures of the billable hour and of working with a variety of clients, attorneys and their family members.

I have been in the counseling field for five years. I worked as both a primary and family counselor at The Meadows, a world-renown inpatient treatment facility addressing trauma and addiction issues. At The Meadows, I worked extensively with families whose loved ones struggled with anxiety, depression, or a host of addictions.

I have also

  • Trained with Pia Mellody and Claudia Black
  • Become a Somatic Experiencing (“SE”) Practitioner
  • Completed EMDR 1 and 2 trainings
  • Obtained an auricular acupuncture certificate from NADA.

I began my private practice to be able to support people more directly with SE and EMDR, as their holistic approach meshes well with my desire to support wholeness in mind, body and spirit.


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