Counseling for communication and trauma resolution




My Practice

My clients include individuals, couples and families. Together, we work to help increase ease and healthy communication.

After working with depression, anxiety and addiction for five years at an inpatient treatment facility, I began to see common factors among the clients and their families. These commonalities included a variety of extreme thinking and behavioral patterns, including:

  • Relating to self as unworthy or as “better than others”
  • Controlling or out of control behaviors
  • Not sharing emotions or broadcasting them wantonly
  • Relating to mistakes as virtually fatal, as further proof that one is hopeless, or as one’s given right.

I noted that understanding these patterns provided relief for many people. I also noted that work to get underneath of why these patterns persist when they are not working helped. Trauma resolution as well as understanding and practicing different communication skills helped clients with loosening the grip of painful or costly patterns.

I use individual, couple, family and group session to help my clients examine, come to terms with and move past difficult thought patterns and behaviors. I use education, trauma resolution techniques and building helpful coping and communication skills to help clients feel better and more effective.


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